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Fire Extinguisher Signs

When there’s an emergency, you want clear information quickly. For emergencies such as fires, you need to know where to find equipment, where to go and how to keep safe in seconds. That’s where fire extinguisher signs come in.

We stock a range of fire extinguisher safety signs, including:

  • General extinguisher signs
  • Firehose reel safety signs
  • Code signs
  • Individual extinguisher signs for foam, water and CO2

Our signs can be easily affixed near fire extinguishers to streamline fire safety processes. They detail all the necessary information including how to use them, what to use them on and when.

An added advantage of our range is the sizes available. For example, you can buy a fire extinguisher sign in 100x100mm to sizes as large as 370x600mm. That way, you can ensure your signs are the right size to be seen and noticed.

Plus, when you buy from Label Source, you buy with the safety that all of our fire extinguisher signage is in accordance with British Standards BS5499 and comply with ISO 1710. This means every extinguisher sign you buy from us comes with a guarantee of effectiveness and quality.

Browse our range of fire extinguisher signs below.

Buying Guide for Fire Fighting Equipment

There are several methods of extinguishing fires. From fire blankets to fire extinguishers, each one has its own benefits and specialised way in which it should be used. Whichever types of fire extinguisher you have, it’s important that anyone around knows which they are, and how to use them.

  • For fires involving wood, paper and textiles, use a water, foam spray, ABC powder, or wet chemical fire extinguisher.
  • For flammable liquids, use a foam fire extinguisher, ABC powder fire extinguisher or a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.
  • For electrical fires, use only a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.
  • For flammable gases, use only an ABC powder fire extinguisher.
  • For cooking oils and fats, use only a wet chemical fire extinguisher.

Alternatively, fire blankets are designed specifically for smothering fires, and are therefore most suitable for kitchen fires.

We have fire extinguisher signs and other fire safety signage that will make it easy to tell which fire safety equipment to use in an emergency. Oftentimes, fires can result in power cuts, or signage being otherwise obscured. For this reason, we also provide photoluminescent signs for fire fighting equipment to meet safety regulations by making it easy to see safety signs at all times.

Our signs are available as rigid plastic or self-adhesive stickers depending on your need.

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