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Electrical Hazard Labels & Electrical Warning Signs

Electrical hazards claim countless lives every year, which is why you should do your best to provide accurate electrical warning signs in your workplace. If there are any potential dangers, our wide range of electrical hazard labels and signs will help you to identify these risks, and reduce the likelihood of a deadly accident occurring. 

If you need to alert your staff to possible electrical risks, you can use our electrical warning signs to display your chosen warning clearly. If you wish to mark certain items or areas, our electrical hazard labels can be used to provide instructions and guidelines for safe use and interaction. 

All our labels and electrical warning signs are manufactured to UK, EU, and International safety standards.

Uses for our Labels and Warning Signs

Our electrical hazard labels are designed to identify the health risks associated with the use of electricity. Here are some of the hazards that our products can highlight:

  • High voltages
  • Live wires
  • Overhead/buried cables

We also sell a variety of informative electrical warning signs, which cover everything from wiring regulations to medical treatment for electric shock victims.

With applications in a wide range of fields, our labels are essential for the safe use of electricity. All electrical warning signs and labels comply with the UK standards, outlined in the 1996 Safety Signs and Signals Regulations.

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