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Electrostatic Warning Signs

Our range of electrostatic discharge (ESD) warning signs are suitable for use in electrostatic protected areas (EPA), to identify protected work surfaces and benches, earth bonding or grounding points, flooring or matting, assembly, manufacturing, handling, storage and distribution facilities.

These signs comply with BS EN 61340-5-1:2007 Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena, and are used extensively in the semiconductor or microelectronics industries to prevent static damage to integrated circuits.

Besides these electronic industries, the signs can be used also in other industries where static electricity problems exist. These can include telecommunications, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, food production and textiles.

The signs identify EPA (electronic protected areas), and can assist compliance verification, and reinforce ESD training regimes. The signs promote the use of wrist straps, conductive footwear and personal grounding garments.

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