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Local Exhaust Ventilation Labels

This covers workplace extraction equipment for compliance, with HSE guideline HSG 258 for the control of airborne contaminants at work (LEV), and with COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to health) 2002. This can include the carrying away of dust, fumes, mists, sprays, fluids, solids and other contaminants.

Activities that can generate such contaminants, include; use of rotating equipment such as sanders, cutters, saws, routers, drills, lathes and abrasive wheels; tools for abrasion, such as sanders, polishers and grinders; use of hot or cold industrial processes including furnaces, soldering irons, casting, brazing and welding; impact, blasting, vibration, compaction and material handling in rock crushing, quarrying, slate splitting, mining and the recycling of road surface materials; and residue from the transfer of liquids, powders and solids on conveyors or into receptacles.

Our range of self adhesive LEV labels can be applied on ventilation hoods to act as a visual test record for the safe and efficient operation for dust and fume extraction equipment, and are available for passed and failed equipment. All content is protected by a clear laminated surface to provide abrasion and chemical resistance.

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