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Quality Assurance Labels

Quality assurance is an important consideration at any stage of production. Our professionally-manufactured quality control labels are suitable for a wide range of purposes - whether you're testing a work in progress or performing the final checks before distribution, Label Source's high-quality quality assurance labels will help you to achieve and maintain the very highest standards.

Our quality assurance labels are suitable for all stages within any quality assurance system, including ISO 9001 or equivalent.

Further information on Quality Hold Labels

Label Source's quality assurance labels are available in two different sizes: 25 x 40mm, and 40 x 75mm. Labels can be made of either self-adhesive paper (for internal/economy use) and self-adhesive vinyl (a premium, waterproof material that can withstand external use).

What types of quality inspection label do we offer?

Here are some examples:

  • Passed
  • Failed
  • Reject
  • Awaiting Inspection
  • Rework
  • Return to Supplier
  • Bonded Goods
  • And many others!

We are capable of manufacturing bespoke quality assurance labels to suit any brief. If you have a specific set of requirements, please contact us for a quotation - we can include a variety of unique features, such as company details and industry-specific information.

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