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Custom Write and Seal Labels

Label Source provide a service of custom printing write and seal labels to your own requirements. These self laminating labels are supplied in five sizes, and are available in self adhesive vinyl and in self adhesive polyester. Both materials have a part attached clear laminating film, which after adding your written details, can seal all label details (both printed and written), to provide a protective barrier from scratching, water and chemicals. These chemicals include oils, lubricants and grease, and solvents such as cleaning products. Therefore, all details remain clear and legible.

These waterproof stickers can be printed to include company logos, safety symbols, and conformance symbols, such as CE and WEEE marking. The base materials are print receptive, and will accept ballpoint pen, and markers.

These labels have widespread applications for most commercial and industrial applications. These include hospital, engineering, transport, aerospace, marine, and chemical usage. The labels are ideal for inspection, testing (electrical, safety, function, pressure etc.), calibration, maintenance, servicing, installation, identification of assets, property and inventory, and for quality assurance requirements.

Standard design write and seal labels are available for equipment marking. We also have a range of Jumbo write and seal labels for larger equipment.

If you require other sizes, or larger quantities, please contact our sales office by e-mail (sales@labelsource.co.uk), by telephone (freephone in UK 0800 3761693 or + 44 1443 842769 from outside the UK).

Write and Seal Label Construction

The label supplied comes with a two part construction, base material and surface laminate. The clear laminate supplied attached to the top section of the base material. Remaining laminate has backing paper to prevent adhesion until removal.

Add written details as require, then remove backing paper on the laminate.

On removal of backing paper, press the laminate firmly onto the base material to seal in the written information.

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