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PPE Signs


Personal protective equipment (PPE) safety signs form part of our mandatory health and safety signs range. All these signs consist of a blue circle with a white pictogram and text panels of white text on a blue background. They are an integral part of building site safety and these PPE signs aim to prescribe the use of equipment to prevent risks to health or safety in the workplace.

Construction PPE signs include signs that enforce eye protection at work, as well as PPE symbols that enforce protection for the head and reminders such as “must be worn beyond this point”.

All the prohibition signs are produced to UK, EU and international standards ISO EN 7010 and the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996.

Categories of personal protective equipment (PPE) safety signs include body protection signs (protective clothing, high visibility clothing, and laboratory coats), respiratory protection signs (respirators and dust masks), head protection signs (safety helmets and hairnets), foot protection signs (boots and anti-static footwear), eye protection signs (glasses, goggles and face shields) and hand protection signs (gloves).

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