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Laboratory Safety Labels & Tapes

The lab can be a dangerous place, particularly when dealing with biological hazards and infectious diseases. Our lab safety labels are designed to minimise the risk of infection in the laboratory; these stickers and tapes can be used to alert staff, visitors, couriers, and emergency services in situations where they may come into contact with infectious materials.

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Why Use Our Biohazard Labels?

Biohazards (such as bacteria, viruses, toxins, fungi, clinical waste, and parasites) often pose a serious threat to humans, animals, and the environment. For this reason, hazardous materials must be properly managed at all times, and the correct laboratory safety labels  used to identify the danger.

Infectious agents are classified in an number of different categories. Category A UN2814 refers to infectious diseases affecting both humans and animals, while Category B UN2900 refers to diseases affecting animals only. Category B UN3373 civers biological substances transported for diagnostic or testing purposes; UN3291 refers to regulated medical waste (from humans, animals, or biomedical research).

Label Source's biohazard tapes and self-adhesive labels can be used to mark the following materials:

  • Storage/waste containers
  • Evidence bags
  • Contaminated clothing
  • Materials to be incinerated

Our lab safety labels are frequently used in hospitals, research laboratories, medical centres, veterinary practices, and forensics labs. All products listed above comply with ISO EN 7010, as well as with the Signs and Signals Regulations 1996.

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