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Printers and Consumables

For customers with a requirement to print on demand, or at the point of application, Label Source can offer such flexibility through its range of printers and print consumables solutions to meet your needs.

Printers range from handheld,  to desktop and computer compatible (PC and Mac) models. These have differing features and varying levels of technical sophistication.These printers have diverse label throughput speeds and label size capability, some print mono whilst others can produce full colour, or support a variety of differing print materials. Such printers include those from Brother, Zebra, Dymo and Intermec.

Not only do we support the above printers with consumables, but, in addition, we support other in house print technologies with label stock and ribbons. Subsequently, we are in a position to offer extensive label materials for laser printers, inkjet printers and thermal transfer printers.

These materials include self adhesive papers in A4 sheet format (with permanent or peelable adhesives, coloured papers, and fluorescent papers), for inkjet and laser printing, and in roll format for thermal transfer printing; self adhesive polyesters in A4 style (in white, metallised silver and yellow) for waterproof labels for lasers, and the same colour ranges plus clear on rolls for thermal transfer; tamper evident security labels in laser and thermal transfer formats; and rolls of standard (white and colours) and tamper evident vinyl for thermal transfer. In each style, we provide a comprehensive selection of label sizes to cover almost all applications. These materials have special top coatings to make them print receptive for the associated print process.

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