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Pipeline Identification Labels and Tapes

We stock a variety of pipeline identification products that are ideal for marking the content and direction of flow within pipes. Our pipeline labels and tapes are constructed and colour-coded by content classification to BS1710 and BS4800.

Our pipeline identification labels and tapes are available both with adhesive backing and non-adhesive banding in a wide variety of designs. Labels for flow direction marking are also supplied. Our pipeline marking labels are primarily intended for indoor use, but we can supply external products as well.

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We also supply Valve Marking Tags and Valve Fixing Products

Need a custom-made pipeline identification solution? Contact Label Source for a quotation - we can create pipeline labels in a variety of designs to fit any pipe diameter.

Pipe Identification Label Buying Guide

To keep workers safe and maintenance organised, pipes must be identified. No engineer or plumber wants to handle unknown pipelines. Label placement is important, but so is choosing colours that adhere to a particular colour scheme that communicates the contents of a pipe. Our pipe marker stickers can help with that.

What are Pipe Identification Stickers? 
The contents and flow direction of any segment of the pipeline system are clearly identified by pipeidentification stickers. Pipe marking enables the marine, offshore, oil & gas, and process industries to provide a safe working environment by additionally indicating any additional informa
tion like temperature, pressure, or locations of hazardous circumstances.

Where/How Should pipe identification stickers Be Placed? 
Pipes that pose a risk to employees should be marked with pipe making labels. You'll need to conduct a risk assessment to determine where this is. Additional factors to think about include:

  • Pipe tape placing: You may occasionally encounter variations in pipe direction, in which case you must ensure that pipe markings are applied to both sides.
  • Size of the Labels: We provide a variety of sizes and forms to meet your requirements. Different label sizes aid in identifying locations where workers may come into contact with the pipe's contents while also enhancing visibility.
  • Pipes that Pass: Through Walls & Floors - Pipes frequently pass through tiny gaps in walls, where they must be marked on both sides.

How Do I Apply Pipe Identification Labels Correctly? 
The information must be communicated in accordance with the BS 1710 standards. Names, symbols, numbers, and abbreviations for pipe content must be printed in black or white, depending on which offers the best contrast.

The labels must be applied directly on the pipe in order for them to be readable. The safety identification colour from the earlier mentioned colour code must match the label's backdrop colour.

With more than 50 combined years in the business, we are more than capable of providing information and support to all customers from all industries. Whether you know the exact code of the precise valve tags you require or need our help to decide which pipe identification stickers or labels are best suited to your needs, the Label Source team are ready and able to help. To speak with a member of our customer support team, please call 0800 3761693 or email sales@labelsource.co.uk.

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