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Prohibition Safety Signs

Prohibition safety signs form part of our health and safety signs range. All these signs consist of a red circle with diagonal bar, with a black pictogram, and text panels of white text on a red background. These signs aim to prohibit behaviour likely to cause risk to health or safety. The main message can be summed up as "do not".

All the prohibition signs are produced to UK, EU and international standards ISO EN 7010, and the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996.

Categories of prohibition safety signs include no smoking, no access or entry, no naked flames or naked lights, not drinking water, do not use mobile phones, no eating or drinking, no pacemakers, and safe use of industrial equipment, hoists and fork lift trucks.

A Guide to Prohibition Signs

What Does a Prohibition Sign Look Like?

Prohibition signs are safety signs usually depicted as a bold red circle with a diagonal red line cutting through it. This red circle will be on a white background, with a black pictogram on it indicating the prohibited action. The diagonal cross signifies that the pictogram behind it is prohibited. Without the diagonal cross, a red circle sign demonstrates a pictogram that must be followed, such as speed limit signs.

The red circle creates a clear message of risk and is the basis of any safety sign prohibiting behaviour likely to cause harm. Prohibition signs are paramount for the health and safety of your employees.

Sometimes a prohibition sign will feature white text in a red box explaining the prohibited action. However, the image will also often be on its own.

When Should I Use Prohibition Signs?

You should use a prohibition sign in any circumstance where certain behaviours are dangerous or banned. For example, they often go alongside construction signs, hazard signs, or other kinds of safety signage to make sure an area is as safe as possible.

The types of prohibition sign you need will depend on the nature of your workplace and the rules you have set. You should get started by carrying out a risk assessment to find out what dangers to health and safety are present in your workplace, and reading our blog on the workplace safety signage starter pack.

For more information on prohibition signs, or if you can’t find the safety sign that you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members. We’ll be happy to help you find the signs that you need.

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