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Aluminium Foil Tape

Aluminium foil tape has a variety of uses around the work place although it is primarily used to seal joints in pipelines, including ducting and ventilation pipes, our foil tape is ideal for insulation seals on cold storage containers, protecting the edges on double glazed windows and doors, and thermal panels.

Our best-selling Aluminium foil tape is constructed from 30 micron aluminium foil, coated with a strong emulsion acrylic adhesive and mounted on a paper release liner, giving it strength and flexibility. Above all else, our aluminium foil tape has  particularly good UV resistance, it contains no halogens and have very low smoke emission properties and conforms to Class 1 and Class 0 Fire Standards BS 476. This is why Aluminium foil tape makes excellent joint seal tape. 

Pipe Sealing Tape:

If you need pipes that need sealing, our foil pipe sealing tape is a product that makes quick work of this task. The high-quality foil is durable and built to last. Joint seal tape quickly takes care of small sealing jobs.

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