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Warehouse Label Holders - Magnetic

Magnetic label holders, for warehouse use, are supplied in 8 profile heights ranging from 15mm to 70mm, and are available either in cut length packs (80mm to 1 metre) or in rolls of 5 or 10 metres. The holders consist of three parts, a side loading C profile extruded magnetic housing, a card insert (in 5 colours) and a transparent protective film. The rolls can be cut to the required length by scissors, stanley knife, or other sharp blades. The inserts can be easily replaced and updated. These can be used at ambient or cold room temperatures (for freezer storage). Made to order lengths can be supplied.

These magnetic label holders can be applied to steel structures, and can be removed and relocated. Thus, this allows our customers to continually respond to changes in stock positions, allowing maximum flexibility, and to ensure optimum use of warehouse storage. Ideal for random bin location requirements.

Typical applications are warehouse racking, shelving or cabinets for identification, stock or inventory control. Markets include warehouse and storage in retail, industrial, distribution, health care, manufacturing, libraries, record offices and archives.

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