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Quarantine Tape

£12.20  ex VAT each
£14.64 inc VAT
Items per quantity: Each.
Quantity Price Breaks
Quantity: 6 - 11
(£12.20 ex VAT)
Quantity: 12 - 23
(£11.90 ex VAT)
Quantity: 24+
(£11.60 ex VAT)
Self adhesive vinyl
50mm x 66m
Red print on white
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High-quality quarantine tape. Part of our quality assurance (QA) and calibration range. Quarantine tape suitable for protecting contaminated environments. Single ply.

Designed to alert passersby to potentially hazardous areas, quarantine tape is an important health and safety precaution. This tape can be used to prevent contamination in potentially contagious areas. For example, quarantine tape is used for:

  • Preventing disease spreading through animals
  • Stopping contaminated food contaminating other food
  • Separating humans who were exposed to a contagious disease 

You can rest assured that our quarantine tape is durable and will work effectively to ward off any potential hazards. White with bright and bold red lettering, this quarantine tape will ensure the area is kept clear. 


50mm x 66m

Material: Self adhesive vinyl
Colour: Red print on white
Quantity: 6 - 11
(£14.64 inc VAT)
Quantity: 12 - 23
(£14.28 inc VAT)
Quantity: 24+
(£13.92 inc VAT)

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