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'Switch Off After Use' Light Switch Labels

£10.45  ex VAT each
£12.54 inc VAT
Items per quantity: Pack of 10 labels
Quantity Price Breaks
Quantity: 1 - 10
(£10.45 ex VAT)
Quantity: 11 - 24
(£9.95 ex VAT)
Quantity: 25+
(£9.70 ex VAT)
Self adhesive vinyl with clear polyester laminate
80mm x 80mm
Blue print on clear
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These light switch stickers are part of Label Source's environmental signage range. Supplied in packs of 10 labels each, they can be placed on light switches as a reminder that lights should be switched off when not in use.

We waste billions of pounds on electricity every year; this is both bad for the environment and expensive for the businesses who use up this excess energy.

These light switch stickers are designed to help your business conserve energy and reduce costs. The labels consist of a blue design ("Switch off after use") on a clear, self-adhesive backing. The labels should be placed on light switches around your workplace; each label has a cut-out area to ensure that light switch function is not impeded.

Light Switch Stickers - Further Details:

  • Can be used to promote your ISO 14001 or environmental management policy
  • Each sticker measures 100mm x 150mm
  • Material: Self-adhesive vinyl with polyester laminate
  • 10 labels per pack

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80mm x 80mm

Material: Self adhesive vinyl with clear polyester laminate
Colour: Blue print on clear
Quantity: 1 - 10
(£12.54 inc VAT)
Quantity: 11 - 24
(£11.94 inc VAT)
Quantity: 25+
(£11.64 inc VAT)

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