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Jumbo Write and Seal Labels

These jumbo standard design write and seal labels are large format. These labels are alternately known as self laminating labels, write and mark labels, or flap labels.

These self laminating labels consist of a two part construction. A print receptive base substrate material, self adhesive vinyl, has a part attached clear protective laminate. The laminate has a flap, with a backing release paper. Handwritten information can be added by ball point or marker pens. The release paper behind the flap is removed, and the clear film seals the total label surface. The label is abrasion or scratch resistant, chemical resistant (including oils and solvents), waterproof and weatherproof. These labels are rub test compliant.

Applications for these write and seal stickers include PAT and electrical testing, inspection, identification, equipment numbering, maintenance, servicing, pressure testing, product tests, qualty assurance, calibration and safety checks.

Markets for write and seal labels include; electrical inspection; hospitals and medical use; research and development laboratories; defence; marine; aerospace; pharmaceutical; chemical; automotive; and engineering.

Also, jumbo self laminating labels can be produced to customer specification, to include logos, and bespoke text even, in small to medium quantities.

We produce a range of smaller equipment write and seal labels, and  a range of custom printed self laminating stickers to your requirements. 

Write and Seal Label Construction

The label supplied comes with a two part construction, base material and surface laminate. The clear laminate supplied attached to the top section of the base material. Remaining laminate has backing paper to prevent adhesion until removal.

Add written details as require, then remove backing paper on the laminate.

On removal of backing paper, press the laminate firmly onto the base material to seal in the written information.


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