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Date Inventory Labels

Avoid confusion by clearly labelling your inventory with these colour coded date inventory labels. This range of inventory labels enables you to clearly mark your stock, produce or work in progressive with the suitable date. These self-adhesive stickers are available by quarters, days and months to improve inventory rotation, minimise waste on out of date items, and provide accurate stock check information.

Supplied in rolls of 500 stickers, these date inventory labels allow you to clearly mark the correct date for your convenience.  

Each sticker is 38mm in diameter, and their bright colour makes them easily noticeable. These date inventory labels are the perfect addition to any inventory labelling system. 


If you need any advice about which labels best suits your requirements, then don't hesitate to give us a call. Whether the query is date inventory label involved, or otherwise, the team will help you out on 0800 3761 693.

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